Search Queries To Traffic

Knowing Your Site Search Queries can convert Organic Traffic.

Search Queries are search terms the most relevant to your site, pull out by Search Engines. In the other words, Search Query  is  the top searches bringing users to your site.

Go to Google Webmaster Tool, under Traffic you will see Search Queries. Some result may be close to your site or blog main goal but some may be just a post keywords. Anyway knowing about Search Queries and apply them to your site can improve your blog or website to be a better user familiar blog/site. Here 12 minutes video from Google Webmaster Help –


  1. Prepare by understanding your website’s goals and your target audience (then using Search Queries “filters” to support your knowledge)
  2. Sort by clicks in Top queries to understand the top queries bringing searchers to your site (for the given time period)
  3. Sort by CTR to notice any missed opportunities
  4. Categorize queries into logical buckets that simplify tracking your progress and staying in touch with users’ needs
  5. Sort Top pages by clicks to find the URLs on your site most visited by searchers (for the given time period)
  6. Sort Top pages by impressions to find valuable pages that can be used to help feature your related, high-quality, but lower-ranking pages

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