Introducing Thesis WP Theme for Newbies

Many bloggers are in love with Thesis because of its cleanness, easiness, powerful functions and SEO friendliness.

The Thesis Theme framework developed by Chris Pearson of DIY Themes is a premium template system designed to serve as an airtight SEO, ultra-flexible, and lightweight loading foundation for your WordPress blog or website. The theme controls enable you to fine-tune and tweak any conceivable aspect of your blog template and will even generate a layout for you that loads extremely fast with optimum SEO in mind. Thesis has quickly become one of the most popular and best WordPress SEO themes available. Proof of this is that even Google spokesman Matt Cutts uses the theme for his blog.

Thesis Design Option
Thesis Design Option

Thesis is powerful! It allows you to control every aspect of your site without having any prior coding knowledge. With the Thesis site options you can configure site in any way imaginable and it’s powerful hooks and custom loop API you can even further customize your theme. The interface is easy to use and simple to understand.

 Thesis Site Option
Thesis Site Option

SEO: Thesis is SEO Ready out of the box and is customizable in every category of onpage optimization. Customize your blog and post titles, meta tags, category, tag pages and more. No need to download any additional SEO plugins.

Thesis is highly recommended for serious bloggers and content publishers who don’t need beautiful aesthetics out of the box when they first set up their blog.  Understand that Thesis is only the “framework”, you must add “skins” to Thesis to upgrade it’s look once it’s installed. We would also recommend Thesis for anyone who is looking to create a very simple, clean website that ranks well in the search engines since it is one of the most SEO friendly themes available.

Download Thesis Theme for Free >>> Download Here

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