How to get More Followers on Twitter, for Newbies!

For Newbies to get traffics and followers are the most tough part. Barak Obama, US president, twitter@BarackObama, has 6,677,422 Followers and tweets 1257 times. Kim Kardashian, queen of Celebrities, twitter@KimKardashian, has 6,633 Tweets, 125 Following, 6,348,509 Followers, 47,966 Listed. Twitter@barak_obama, I don’t know who make this account, zero Tweet, zero Following but it gets 104,774 Followers.

If you are superstars, famous person, presidents, influenced people, yea it is easy to get million of followers. As I mention above, even with zero tweet and zero following they can get hundred thousands. So, who are you? Just for ordinary people, newbies and beginners it is very difficult to get followers.

Ordinary people with ordinary path may be very slow moved. OK, Newbies, we need some help. Twitter is very sensitive social network. You have to stick on it concerning to get followers. You need to know who should follow and whom to unfollow again.

In previous post I wrote about how to use Twiends. So get some followers from Twinds. But the idea of Twinds is like traffic exchange, you have to follow a bunch too, in order to get credits. But, don’t worry I will tell you very useful twitter tools. Through these tools you can unfollow again easily. If you do on you twitter, manually, you have to spend time a thousand hours.

1. ManageFlitter

Formerly known as ManageTwitter, this is my 1 pick for unfollowing Twitter users. This app may take a couple of minutes to load if you have lots of followers, but it allows you to quickly unfollow lots of people as well.  It loads all those people who you are following but who are not following you back at once, allowing you to check on whichever you choose to unfollow, click the “Unfollow” button, and wallah they are history. This is also the only app that gives you the option to unfollow people who are inactive, haven’t tweeted in a while or were to lazy to even post a profile picture.

Tip: When unfollowing a lot of people, reduce your screen to 50% so you get more people in your view, allowing you to click down the list quicker.


DoYouFollow as name says, this tools helps you to know who is not following you and you can unfollow the twitter users who are not following you in bulk. Apart from unfollowing Twitter users you can also create and schedule tweets with DoYouFollow Tool.

3. JustUnfollow

This is another simple tool to unfollow the Twitter users not following you like Untwitted. Just like most of the other unfollow apps, JustUnfollow provides you the list of twitter users you are following and they are not following you back, so you can select the ones you want to unfollow from the list. However when clicking on your unfollow choices using JustUnfollow, they disappear immediately, making it hard to follow and even harder to move down the list quickly. Worse yet, JustUnfollow will only let you unfollow 50 people without going to a paid upgrade.

Just Unfollow will allow only 50 account to unfollow per day.

4.Twitter Karma

Although Twitter Karma is one of the popular unfollow tools to unfollow Twitter users, it is a much slower process than withManageTwitter or Refollow. The problem with Twitter Karma is, it takes forever to load and involves looking through a sea of followers to find the non-followers.

I hope these will help you a lot.

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