FreeNewbie.com is a blog focuses on Internet marketing especially for Newbies/ Beginners.

In my blog you will find, at First, internet marketing basic tips and motivations. FreeNewbie tips are not as an Expert. Many times you have read how people get a lot of money in a few hour, days, weeks and months. But not me, I think you too. It is not easy as people say so I decided to create this site to helps some problems of Beginners or Newbies.

Secondly, FreeNewbie provides free Ebooks. All these books are from the experts, very good and supportive books. Most of them are provided free by the authors on their sites. I just collect all these free ebooks as much as I can. Some I have read them, some not yet. The book that I have read I will write book review.

Third, FreeNewbie provides Money Making Links. All these links are connected with making money online. I hope it will be useful for you.

FreeNewbie also provides WordPress themes, Plugins and Internet Marketing Tools. FNB recommended these WP Premium themes, Plugins and tools are just for testing and learning. For professional weblog or site, buy it.

And finally, FreeNewbie collects some articles that helps your internet marketing. So I get some articles from newsletters that I subscribe, article directories and other blogs.

As freenewbie.com is assisting internet marketing idea and tips, you are warmly welcome to be guest writer/blogger. Just contact me by filling contact form, it will be fine, Thanks


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