Google Affiliate Network is Retiring

GAN is not old enough to retire but Google officially announced that Google Affiliate Network (GAN) service is retiring by Oct 2013. Google said enjoy with your AdSense! This email is from GAN; As you may have read in our recent email, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network (GAN). According to your […]

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wordpress free host

A free Review

You can create nice blog with for free. As it is free there are several limitation. It is good for beginner but not for experience or pro bloggers. A blog, which you can turn into a full-on static or hybrid (part blog, part static) website. 3GB of free storage for posts and media. Publicize, […]

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Why I love Blogger or Blogspot?

Blogger or Blogspot was my first platform to enter into this internet marketing world. Creating a blog with Blogger is not so difficult. You need google account and you can just start it. Go to and follow the instruction step by step –  you will be fine. Let me list why I love Blogger: It’s Free […]

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Types of Spam

Spam Website in Google Eyes

Types of Spam by Google There are several types of Spam websites. Many webpage providers crate useless pages, spam pages. Google takes it seriously because  relevant websites get buried, and it’s bad for legitimate website owners because their sites become harder to find. But Google handle this problem with high technique. Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects Site […]

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SEO Weekly News

SEO Weekly – 15/3/2013

10 Things Most SEO Consultants Hate – Having spent over ten years as an SEO consultant, I’ve gathered a list of “top ten challenges” (or, as I think of them, my pet peeves) about the industry and our clients. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences to share with our community. I’ll go first, and list […]

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Google Hangout

Weekly Social Media News – 12/3/2013

Mother Sells Her Kids on Facebook for $4,000 – Misty VanHorn, a mother of two in Oklahoma, found that out the hard way over the weekend. VanHorn, 22, was arrested Saturday for alleged trafficking of minors on Facebook — offering her 10-month old and her 2 year-old for $4,000. According to the police report, VanHorn offered […]

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Newsfeed Facebook Keynote

What Will be the Result of Facebook’s News Feed Revamp?

Facebook yesterday announced a major overhaul of the appearance of its News Feed. It was confirmed that this had been in the pipeline for over a year, and that founder Mark Zuckerberg was one of the key driving forces behind the revamp. It is arguably the biggest change that Facebook has ever undergone in terms […]

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niche marketing

The Importance Of Knowing The Niche You Want

Do you know how Importance Of Knowing The Niche You Want? Anyone looking to write website content needs to find their niche. We all know that a popular website is one that has understandable and informative content, and that only comes from expertise. Some website owners actually overlook content when creating their website, but this is […]

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Recover your Blogger Blog Email Address

How to Recover Your Blogger Email Address

If you forget you blogger password and username, don’t worry, here you can recover easily. Follow this link and fill you blog address. Blogger will send an email with sign-in instructions to that email address.

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Adding Falling Stars Script in Blogger

Adding Falling Stars Script in Blogger

Blogger/Blogspot Newbie Tip - Add Falling Stars Effect on Mouse Movement in Blogger Just simple a few script adding can change your blog appearance and out look. 1. Login Blogger. 2. On your dashboard go to template and edit template 3. By C+F find </head> 4. Above </head> add below script 5. Look sample >>> Click […]

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